Why You Should Use Wills & Trusts Now!!

Wills & Trusts Now!! will assist you through the planning process. Planning will be simplified and as painless as possible to ensure that your estate planning documents reflect your goals and objectives and to limit challenges to the decisions you make today.

One of our clients has stated, “that one of the best gifts my parents gave to me was to not have to deal with their estate at the time they died. Instead, they made all their arrangements for their cremation, burial and interment. They had made up a list of information as to their bank accounts, stock accounts, real estate and investments. They included the name of their attorney and all the individuals that I needed to contact to handle their affairs upon their deaths. My mother gave me a letter entitled "Who to contact upon the inevitable passing of your mother". The benefit of my mother and father working with an attorney to have their estate plan prepared has been a major benefit to me and my siblings.”

Not everyone is as fortunate. The parents referred above gave considerable thought to what needed to be completed to make their deaths as easy on their children as possible. Our attorneys with combined estate planning experience approaching 100 years can attest that failure to arrange your affairs in advance in nearly all cases increases the anxiety, consternation, stress, time and legal fees.

The main purpose of Wills & Trusts Now!! is to help you and your family arrange your affairs in such a manner that you and your loved ones encounter the least amount of difficulty possible in passing your property from generation to generation with the documentation that is required to make a good estate plan and to assure your children and other beneficiaries receive the assets you wish them to inherit with limited tax consequences , avoiding probate and other administrative expenses or other difficulties.

Please review this website and the tools associated with this site to assist you in creating the planning arrangements. You will then have the peace of mind that your affairs are in order and that your descendants and other beneficiaries will be well cared for and that the expenses they incur with the administration of your estate are minimized.

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