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There is nothing one wishes more than to be able to look after their own family. However, unplanned events and illness might take you away from your loved ones sooner than expected, leaving them unprotected and vulnerable. Wills & Trusts Now!! is here to help you make decisions regarding financial, estate and health care directives for you and yours.

At Wills & Trusts Now!!, we specialize in creating and customizing estate planning solutions for each of our clients. Everyone is different. Is your family big or small? Will it be just you and your spouse? Unsure of whether you will be having children? Our estate planning solutions will give you the peace of mind of knowing that whatever comes, your financial ability to take care of you and yours will be guaranteed.

All of our services keep our clients’ best interests in mind. Wills & Trusts Now!! can also help you make decisions regarding your assets. Be it via a will or a fund, we are here to make sure that you will be able to set instructions stating how, when and amongst whom you decide to distribute your assets once the time has come.

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However, while thinking about our protecting our loved ones once we are gone is tough enough, a good and steady planning should also include a set of decisions about your own health care. Wills & Trust Now!! is also there for you when you want to ensure you will be able to have a say in your medical decisions even when you are physically or mentally unable to. An Advanced Health Care Directive, also known as a living will, is a document that will allow you to direct your own health care and end-of-life decisions regarding medical care in the events of temporary or permanent incapacitation. This document is also known as a living will.

It is always tough to think of what will happen when we are no longer able to look after ourselves or our loved ones. However, thinking ahead about trusts, wills and estate planning will help you be sure your decisions regarding the care of yourself and your loved ones will be in your hands.

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Adults Under 35 don't have a will

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